SG108 PRO is a small Camera Drone with plenty of features - Review

SG108 PRO is a small Camera Drone with plenty of features - Review

Posted by CAPTAIN DRONE on 13th May 2021

The SG108 pro is a professional version. It has a beautiful orange color. The drone arm says it has 249 grams, but it actually weighs 270 grams. This drone has a two-axis camera with a cool led light directly in front of it.

This drone has a range of 800 meters, a flight time of 25 minutes, and 4k photos and 2k videos. There is a micro SD card slot on the side of the drone.

Because the two-axis gimbal does not perform well, try not to fly too high if there is wind.

This is the remote control for SG108 PRO. I like this design very much. You only need to pull out the right arm and the remote control will automatically turn on. The remote control supports charging.

There is a power switch on the back of the drone, and an optical flow sensor at the bottom. Open the gimbal shield, we can see the 4K camera. This drone uses a 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery.

So there you have it that was the flight of the sg108 pro, now my final thoughts are it's just like every other budget drone on the market, same features everything you know, the common stuff you're going to use in a smaller design that's pretty much it, but it is over 250 grams the only thing i noticed is my app my h-fund pro it kept saying there was no gps, but there was gps because it was flying around with gps on uh, so i think there's a little bit of disconnect between the app and the drone so if you're in the market for a budget drone with budget features then this might be the one for you so.

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