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RC ERA C127AI 2.4G 4CH Brushless 6-Axis Gyro 720P Wide-angle Camera Optical Flow Localization Altitude Hold Flybarless Intelligent Hover RC Helicopter RTF

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US $109.99

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RC ERA C127AI 2.4G 4CH Brushless 6-Axis Gyro 720P Wide-angle Camera Optical Flow Localization Altitude Hold Flybarless Intelligent Hover RC Helicopter RTF
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Item: C127AI RC Helicopter

Product material: ABS material/electronic components

Product size:

Rotor diameter: 214mm Fuselage length: 214mm Fuselage height: 80mm

Remote control mode: 2.4G remote control

Remote control distance: 150-200 m(depending on environment) Graph transmission distance: 150-200m(depending on environment)

Number of drive motors: Two, main motor brushless, tail motor hollow cup

Battery: Body 3.7V (580mAh), remote control 4*1.5AA (not included)

Charging time: About 60 minutes

Use time: About 15 minutes

Function Description: The U.S. military’s Black Bee UAV is the same model, with exquisite appearance and high popularity. It adopts single propeller without flybar design, brushless motor, high efficiency and good wind resistance. 6-axis electronic gyroscope for stabilization, adding barometer to determine altitude, optical flow positioning, 5G/WIFI, 720P wide-angle camera, clear image transmission (AI artificial intelligence recognition system is adopted for the first time in the industry, with strong market competitiveness) flight is more stable , easier to manipulate! Super long battery life! Impact resistant! The size is more mini, and the battery life of C127AI can reach about 15 minutes!

1. Flybarless design, using the principle of aerodynamics to design the propeller to provide strong power and self-stability of the body, and the flight is ultra-stable; 2. AI artificial intelligence recognition system can effectively identify 80 kinds of targets such as people and vehicles, count and track, make the unmanned reconnaissance machine more technological, simulate the movement posture of the human body, make the control more fun, target follow the system, and lock the movement as shown Target; 3. Brushless motor, more powerful, better wind resistance; 4. The remote control of the main seat has a delicate hand feeling and more precise control; 5. Altitude setting by barometer, optical flow positioning, stable flight; 6. Modular battery, intelligent power management system, power indicator, easy and fast installation, effective battery protection, and longer service life; 7. Ascents, descent, forward, backward, left fly, right fly, left rotation, right rotation, route flight, brush pot and other stunts;

 8.6G mode, using 6-axis gyroscope, the flight is stable, especially suitable for beginners to fly; 9. Low-voltage alarm, stall protection, out-of-control protection, large and small rudder conversion, one-key take-off, one-key landing and other functions; 10. Equipped with a dedicated USB charger, fast and stable charging


Note:The appearance of the remote control has been updated, and the old and new versions of the remote control are shipped randomly.


Package included:

1 x RC ERA C127AI RC Helicopter 1 x Transmitter 1 x USB Charger 1 x Battery(1,2 or 3 pcs, optional)

1 x Tail Blade 2 x Main Blades

1x Screwdriver

1 x Allen wrench 1 x User Manual