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Upgraded YUXIANG F180 V2 6CH 3D 6G System Dual Brushless Direct Drive Motor Aileronless RC Helicopter with GPS & FPV

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US $450.00

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Upgraded YUXIANG F180 V2 6CH 3D 6G System Dual Brushless Direct Drive Motor Aileronless RC Helicopter with GPS & FPV
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Item: F180 V2
Product size (MM):Rotor diameter:410mm Body length:400mm Height:120mm
Remote control mode: 2.4G remote control
Remote control distance (m): more than 120 meters
Product material: high-strength composite engineering material
Body battery: LI-POLY 11.1V (700MAH) 30C
Charging time: about 90 minutes
Flight time: 6-10 minutes

1.Adopting flybarless design, direct drive main motor, electronic stabilization system, more accurate hand feeling, more stable flight, optimized structure to reduce the probability of damage.
2.The propeller is designed with aerodynamic principles to provide strong power and body self-stability. It has high efficiency, power saving and long flight time. The blade is made of nylon + carbon fiber composite material, which has high strength, good toughness, impact resistance, no deformation, and durability.
3. Use 3606 brushless motor direct drive, reduce gear restlessness, low noise, large torque, sufficient power and high efficiency. The special high-temperature resistant magnetic steel can withstand 150 degrees of high temperature without damage and increase the service life.
4.The tail-locking motor uses a special 1104 brushless motor, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, stable tail-locking, and it is not easy to be damaged after long-term work.
5.The use of an enlarged 4.3g metal digital steering gear, high torque, high accuracy, and accurate centering, response speed 60°/0.05ms, makes the aircraft fly accurately, feel good, and last longer.
6.Adopt 6-axis gyroscope. It has a stable, fast and accurate flight attitude, especially suitable for beginners to fly.
7.Adopt 2.4GHZ communication protocol, expandable satellites receiver, support DSMX DSM2 PPM S-BUS system.
8.Using high-precision CNC carved frame, rotor head, rotor clamp, swashplate, optimized structure, reduced weight, and greatly reduced the probability of aircraft damage.
9.Landing gear The main frame is made of 3K carbon fiber composite material, which has high strength, high toughness, non-deformation and impact resistance, ensuring the flight accuracy and durability of the whole machine.
10. The canopy adopts hot runner injection molding process, which has good elasticity, toughness and is not easy to be damaged.
11. Standard 6CH remote control, with LCD display. Power prompt. Support digital parameter adjustment, support simulator function, and optimize the joystick output, making the operation more precise.
12. Professional customized high-rate lithium polymer 11.1V 700mah 25C battery with high discharge rate and long service life. The flight time is about 6-10 minutes, and the normal use can reach 500+ cycles.
13. Dedicated USB 11.1V lithium battery dedicated charger, with charge balance and charge stability function.

14. GPS+ optical flow dual positiong
Breakthrough fied high technology enables optical flow positioning indoors and gps+ optical flow dual positioning outdoors.The aircraft keeps balance precisely at fixed point.

15. 5.8G Image transmission
Wonderful moment real-time view firmly grasp every wonderful picture

16. GPS intelligent satellite positioning
GPS satellite return technology anytime and anywhere to experience new intelligent operation give enough flight safety!Can achieve out of control,low power ,straight line ,one key back.


Package Included:
1 *  Helicopter
1 X Remote Control
1 X 11.1V 700mah 25C Battery(Installed in Helicopter)
2 X English Manual
1 X USB Charger
2X Main Blades
1X Tail Blade
2XRubber Fixing Rings
1XLock Tailstock
1XHexagon Wrench