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Wireless LED night light for helicopter/fixed wing aircraft

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US $39.99

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Wireless LED night light for helicopter/fixed wing aircraft
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Size: 47X14X13mm

Battery: Li-poly 85mah

Weight: 5 grams (including battery)

Tip: with over-discharge protection



1. The shell of this product is made of imported PC material, which has high transparency, drop resistance, impact resistance, and other characteristics. Suitable for fixed-wing, UAV, and other environments.

2.4 flashing modes:

1. Double flash.

2. Flash.

3. Safe flashing mode.

4. Breathing light mode.

3. High-quality polymer lithium battery is used, with low-voltage protection function, which effectively prolongs battery life.

About charging:

On the charger, the red light indicates charging status, and the blue light indicates full charge.

The original charger can be charged with USB and power bank.

With the original charging conversion line, you can use the aircraft model balance charger to charge it (you need your charger to have the function of charging single-chip batteries, such as A6, PL8, etc.)

When the navigation light has not been used for a long time and the battery voltage is too low, please use the original charger to charge it.
When the charging line is accidentally reversed, the red light of the charger will also light up. The short-term reverse connection will not cause damage to the navigation light, but it will cause the internal electronic components of the navigation light to heat up (the battery will not be damaged or heated) , reverse connection for a long time will cause damage to the navigation light components.

Special Note: Please pay attention to the positive and negative poles when charging, otherwise the device will be damaged