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FLY WING Squirrel AS350 6CH Brushless Scale GPS Helicopter Three Rotor Blade with H1 Flight controller

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US $957.00
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FLY WING  Squirrel AS350 6CH Brushless Scale GPS  Helicopter Three Rotor Blade  with H1 Flight controller
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Basic: Remote control is no.Material is metal.Motor is brushless motor.Type is helicopter.Features is auto return.Origin is cn(origin).Power source is electric.Video capture resolution is other.
Hardware: Recommend age is 12+y.Package includes is original box.Controller mode is mode1.Aerial photography is no.Indoor/outdoor use is outdoor.State of assembly is almost ready.Control channels is 6 channels.Operator skill level is intermediate.

Design Features:

1. Flybar rotor head to use the ultra-low center of gravity design enables the rotor level close to the body's center of gravity, and effectively enhances the roll, spin turn, the pendulum 3D action crisp, helicopters hover state to a higher degree of stability, with a more strong appreciation, the pros and cons of dental Rod to facilitate debugging pitch.

2. New and improved design of the side panels, a dedicated ZYX 3-axis gyro fixed position, ZYX can be installed in the fuselage, or install the swashplate rail, so that the wiring simple and pricey wiring beauty.

3. The integrated spindle server mounts, so that the server replacement is more convenient and easy to maintain.

4. Extended battery holder / ESC holder, not only makes the battery fixed more firmly, but also to better adjusts battery position based on a low center of gravity.

5. High-efficiency tail shaft drive design, dramatically reduces belt drive power consumption, while improving the efficiency of the tail drive shaft.

6. Vertical tail holder server design, the whole center of gravity closer to the center, and improve the agility of helicopter stunts in 3D.

7. The unique centrifugal thrown block tail rotor folder design increase the performance of the helicopter direction of control and gyro, and improves the precision of the effect of the end of the lock and the lock tail.

8. new streamlined painted canopy and fuselage with them to create the perfect visual sense!

Suggestions! Beginners to purchase, assembly, transfer machines, flight, be sure to appoint Please veteran sidelines guidance, so make your entry flight, with less! (User must have extremely high operating RC helicopter safety concept, be sure to pre-flight to comply with the instructions of the relevant safety precautions)


1. Trex 250 helicopter: water-resistant trex technology allows you to ride longer, faster, and with greater efficiency on the fly.
2. 450 helicopter parts canopy: the gps flywing canopy has been designed to help protect your helicopter's hull and extend its service life.
3. Remote control squirrel helicopter: features a remote control, which can be easily controlled by the remote controller. it also has a built-in led display that displays the direction of the squirrel.
4. Installation is simple: easy to install and disassemble, no tools required. the installation is very simple and can be completed in a few minutes.
5. Durable materials: the handle is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is durable and has a long service life.
6. Best seller: this gps flywheel is the best seller in the aviation industry. it has been widely used by amateurs and professionals alike. it is also a great gift for thanksgiving, christmas, new year and birthday gifts.

Warm prompt:

In order to avoid damage during transportation, you need to simply assemble and adjust it by yourself. Recommend experienced buyers purchase it.

Package Included:

1 x Squirrel-AS350 Helicopter