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FLY WING Huey V3 UH-1 6CH with H1 Flight Control GPS Self-stabilizing RC Helicopter

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US $799.00

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FLY WING Huey V3  UH-1 6CH with H1 Flight Control GPS Self-stabilizing RC Helicopter
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Note: The new version of the fuselage has no magnets, and it can fly as soon as it is received. No computer calibration is required, and no assembly is required.


Product name: FLY WING Huey UH-1 V3 6CH with H1 Flight Control GPS Self-stabilizing RC Helicopter
Body length (not including blades): 750mm
Height: 220mm
Width: 155mm
Weight (excluding battery): 836G
Main rotor diameter (wingspan): 810mm
Main rotor length (single): 370mm
Tail rotor diameter (wingspan): 125mm
Gear parameters
Motor main gear: 12T
Transmission main gear: 78T
Tail drive motor: brushless motor
Motor: 3508 brushless motor
ESC: 60A brushless speed controller
Flight mode: GPS self-stabilizing mode, 3D manual mode, one-button return, low battery return, out of control return, semi-automatic assisted flight
Satellite positioning module: GPS/GLONASS with omnidirectional positioning
Hover Accuracy
Horizontal: ±1.5m
Vertical: ±0.5m
Body battery: 4S 14.8V 74Wh 5000mAh/3000mAh Battery
Flight time: about 28/18 minutes.


The biggest improvement of the new version is to support Beidou positioning technology. It has an automatic learning model algorithm of the Earth's magnetic declination. No compass calibration required, no assembly required. You can fly to any country on earth with it. Warm up and position in the open field in as little as 30 seconds.

1.UH-1”Simulation helicopter
UH-1 helicopter adopts double brushless motor design with efficient transmission.Transparent windshield and landmark painting, full of feelings
H1 flight controller adopts high-precision inertial navigation unit,with omnidirectional GNSS positioning technology.Accurate solution(Invert) can be realized in comlex attitude and environment.
Provide:3D/GPS/RETURN-TO-HOME/SEMI-AUTO mode,and etc
Support power monitoring & low power return
3.Fixed height and point stable hover
In GPS mode,we can push the stick for taking-off and stop it when release It is conducive to the players to focus more on flight
without continuously adjusting the flying posture
4.One button/low battery return
When the homeward switch is turned off or the power is too low, the remote control signal is lost, The plane will automatically return to the takeoff point.
5.Brushless tail motor
High speed brushless motor is adopted at the tail,Long service life, fast response and easy maintenance
6.Simulation Detail Design
Hollow mesh design, realistic reproduction of "exhaust pipe"

Package Included:
1 x UH-1 RC Helicopter
1 x Transmitter(RTF include)
1 x Charger(RTF include)
1 x Battery(optional)
1 x User Manual

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