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WLtoys XK A170 RC Airplane 660mm Wingspan 2.4GHz 4CH Remote Control Airplane

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WLtoys XK A170 RC Airplane 660mm Wingspan 2.4GHz 4CH Remote Control Airplane
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Brand: WLtoys
Main Color: White, Blue
Material: EPO
Motor: 1109 Brushless Motor
Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Battery: 11.1V 1500mah
Remote Control Battery: 6* AA Battery(not Included)
Charging Time: 1.5h
Fly Time: 8min
Remote Control Distance: 200m
Size: Wingspan: 660mm; Length: 640mm
Weight: 270g


1. This product is suitable for beginners or enthusiasts with certain flying experience.
2. The scale of the real aircraft is reduced, with a high degree of realism and a detachable wing structure. And the flight controller is equipped with a gyroscope to stabilize the flight. easy to handle
The 3.35 brushless duct can provide abundant power output during flight, and the fuselage is integrally formed with EPO material, which has high hardness and light weight. The appearance is smooth and very impact-resistant, and the total weight is only 270g.
4. The aircraft adopts modular design, which is easy to install and carry.
5 High-efficiency brushless motor is used, which is full of power. The 3D/6G system is stable, the aerodynamic layout is reasonable, the flight is very stable, even beginners can fly easily.
6. 3-axis/6-axis/one-button surround gyro mode switching function, 3-axis gyro lock mode, increase attitude stability, even if you are only a novice flying level, you can make movements like a professional master. The 6-axis mode increases stability, as long as the joystick is released under any circumstances, the aircraft will maintain a stable flying attitude. Fly against the wind at half-throttle and then toggle the switch to the top gear, the aircraft will automatically enter the surround function counterclockwise. It is recommended to operate when the battery voltage is sufficient to avoid insufficient power and reduce the possibility of crashing.
7 The remote control has large and small rudder settings. Small rudder is suitable for beginners to fly. Large and small rudder can easily make somersaults, inverted flights, spirals and other actions.
8 Equipped with a high discharge rate battery, the power gliding flight is about 8 minutes.
9 Lithium polymer dedicated USB charger, charging time 1.5 hours.

Packing List:
1* RC Airplane
1* Remote Controller
1* Battery
1* Charging Cable
1* Screwdriver