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XK A300-Beech D17S 550mm Wingspan 2.4GHz 4CH 3D/6G System EPP Fixed Wing RC Airplane Biplane RTF

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US $148.99

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XK A300-Beech D17S 550mm Wingspan 2.4GHz 4CH 3D/6G System EPP Fixed Wing RC Airplane Biplane RTF
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Brand Name: XK

Item Number: A300-Beech D17S Biplane

Material: High-Strength Composite Material EPP

Color: Red, Yellow (optional)

Aircraft Weight (With Battery): 240g

Gliding Flight Time: About 8 Minutes

Charging Time: About 50 Minutes

Remote Control Mode: 2.4g Remote Control

Remote Control Distance (Meters): 150 Meters

Remote Control Batteries: 6ocs AA (Not Included)

Number Of Drive Motors: High-Efficiency Brushless Motor 1806*1

Battery Details: 7.4v 600mAh 25C

Charger Details: Special Usb Data Cable 7.4v 2000mah, Red Light Stays On When Charging, Red Light Goes Off When Full



1. EPP+ engineering materials, high simulation of the World War II Beech D17S biplane.

2. 1806 strong magnetic brushless motor, super powerful. 2g high-precision digital servo, quick response and quick locking.

3. The remote control adopts independent potentiometer control, making the control feel more precise and comfortable.

4. The aircraft adopts 6-axis gyroscope, attitude locking, and 3D/6G mode conversion, which is suitable for flying in different scenarios. Air mode conversion, both beginner mode and aerobatic mode. The blades, motor and wings are detachable and easy to replace.

5. The aircraft has multiple flight modes

1) Outdoor 6G level flight mode: By default, it enters the 6G self-stabilizing mode after takeoff, with gyro self-stabilization and heading locking. It is very suitable for beginners to practice flying in fixed-wing mode.

2) Outdoor stunt mode: After the aircraft flies horizontally in the air, switch the button switch to 3D or advanced mode, and the aircraft enters 3D stunt or advanced mode (3D lock mode). In both modes, you can easily perform stunts such as somersaults and death spirals.

6. With the addition of LED lights on the fuselage, you can fly as you like even at night, and the remote control can also control the lights with one button.

7. The landing gear is installed in the front and rear plastic slots. It can be used for taxiing landing under special circumstances. It can also be used for outdoor taxiing takeoff and directly enter the fixed-wing mode.

8. High-capacity high-capacity 7.4V 600mAh 25C lithium polymer battery, gliding flight time is about 8 minutes.

9. Low battery alarm for aircraft and remote control, which can more effectively protect the battery from discharge. It can land safely in advance during flight to avoid losing the battery due to over-discharge. The flight control has a new loss prevention function. When the aircraft flies out of the effective range of the remote control, it will enter a hovering state in the air. If the remote control is not operated, the aircraft will maintain the current altitude and hover from the maximum radius to the minimum radius. When the battery power is exhausted, , the plane will land automatically.

10. Adopts a quick installation and disassembly structure for easy portability, and the remote control can be switched between left and right hands.


Package Included:

1x Body

2x Wing

2x Nose Landing Gear

1x Rear Landing Gear

1x Remote Control

1x Propeller

1x Data Cable

1x Battery

1x Screwdriver

1x Open-End Wrench

1x Inner Hexagonal Wrench

1x Color Box

1x Getting Started Manual

Note: Glue is not included.